The Heart

A letter from our pastor

San Francisco may be the most incredible place on the earth. Filled with life, opportunity, and culture, there is no place like it. However, with the city’s abundant beauty and character, there is a heaviness on our hearts. Homelessness, human trafficking, and drug addiction cover the area. Many adults feel lost, and 1 in 5 struggle to provide for their families every day. The crime rate is nearly double the national average, and poverty consumes the region. It makes me wonder, “how can a place that is so beautiful be so broken?”

What we have found is that San Francisco has been ranked the number 1 most churchless city in America. With all that the bay area has to offer, many are missing the one thing that actually makes life beautiful. A relationship with Jesus will give them freedom, confidence, purpose, and so much more.

The most common response I hear from people when I say we are going to SF is, “Oh wow! That place is a church graveyard,” or “Oh man, that’s really hard ground to plant a church in.” They mean well, but there is something in me that says, “I know it’s dark, I know it’s hard, but the gospel is the brightest in the dark, and there’s no ground too hard for God.” If the gospel can’t work everywhere, then the gospel can’t work anywhere.

There’s something that stirs on the inside of me when I think about the cards being stacked against us. There’s something about the reality of an impossible situation that just feels like God is setting this thing up so that He can receive all the glory.

If the gospel can’t work everywhere, then the gospel can’t work anywhere.

One thing I’ve discovered is that sometimes setting God up for a miracle feels like setting ourselves up for a failure. I am 100% convinced that God is with us and that people need us to show up and tell them about the love of God found in Christ Jesus. I know it will be hard, I know things are uncertain, and I know there will be much sacrifice. But I also know that people are lost, lonely, forgotten, hungry, hurting, and in need in this beautiful city. and we have a solution. We have an answer. We have Jesus. And we want everyone to know the beauty He brings to our lives.

I refuse to sit in my safety, wait in my wondering, or relax in my comfort while people are hungry for hope. Our calling is loud, our vision is clear, and our commitment is strong, so we won’t stop until every person we meet KNOWS GOD, FINDS FREEDOM, DISCOVERS PURPOSE & MAKES A DIFFERENCE for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for believing in the mission of God, and for taking a risk on a group of misfits like us. Now let’s take this city for Jesus! 

—Jason Laird