Our Pastors


There’s something special about finding someone you can trust, especially when it comes to leadership. Trusting not because you believe they’re perfect, but because you know they’re human. Honest, transparent, real humans. They understand life, because they’re in the middle of it. They know the reality of struggles, because they experience them too.

Friends would tell you that Jason & Jennifer are those leaders. What started with a calling to ministry in the year 2000, grew over 13 years serving as pastors at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, and has continued at Gateway Church. If you’ve known them during their journey, you know that one of the traits that the Lairds have always displayed has been faithfulness. Devoted to God, committed to friendships, and always inviting friends and strangers into their home.

You see, if you’ve known the Lairds for very long, you know that starting a church isn’t really an outrageous idea; it’s the natural progression of what God has been doing through their life for nearly two decades.

After serving as an executive pastor at Gateway Church for three years, the elders confirmed a call that Jason first felt in 2012: to start a life-giving church in the city of San Francisco.

With excitement, Jason, Jennifer, and their sons, Liam and Nixon, are stepping out to do what God put in their hearts many years ago. We’re excited to share a little more about this journey as you read through the pages of this website.